Ritual Of Worship & Sex Magic Sessions

Ritual of Worship & Sex Magic sessions consist of an evening of guidance, mentorship and spiritual support in opening up the heart, mind and body to sensual pleasure, to becoming conscious lovers, creating rituals of sex magic together and igniting flames of erotic desire and expression. Evenings include tarot and incense readings, ritual grooming and massage and delicious vegetarian meal. In order to tailor activities, to ensure comfort and safety and to set intentions together, each session is preceded by a 30-minute video call at least 1 week before the specified date.  This also includes a Red Temple gift basket for each individual or couple.  Note: all activities and interactions during these sessions are fully and completely legal.

Who is it for?

Ritual of Worship & Sex Magic sessions are for couples, triads and other romantic constellations consisting of people who are looking for an amazing, sensual, romantic and erotic experience together in the power and safety of a personally consecrated Red Temple evening.  Along with an entirely pleasurable and memorable experience, everyone will take some magic with them back to their relationships and to their everyday lives.

Why sign up?

Sign up for Ritual of Worship & Sex Magic sessions if you are looking to spice up your sex life, if you're looking for an amazing, memorable and sexy evening or if you're looking for the perfect present to give to your relationship, to your lover(s) or to a friend.

The three-evening series is perfect for couples who want to really spice up their sexual connection to each other and who really want to dive deep and push the edges of their desires, or who want to just bathe together in sensual pleasure and erotic expression.


Contact Red Temple Priestess for pricing.

Discounts available for a three evening series. 

"Leading up to our evening we each felt nervous excitement about trying something as new, vulnerable and different as this. From our first communication with Christine and Stephen about the design of our evening to the conversations that we had together about boundaries, desires and intentions through to the moment we arrived and until after we left, they just made us feel so safe, so cared for and so loved. We found deep comfort with them and were able to explore completely new territory not just in our intimate connection with each other but within ourselves...

...As for the real good stuff, my partner and I have taken what we learned and experienced back to our lives and to our relationship and have continued to practice that same kind of deeply sensual, juicy and intimate connection together on a regular basis. After over a month, we still include rituals and practices in our intimate experiences, continuing to build our new & deeper trust with one another.

Within the context of our ever-evolving relationship, we experienced Red Temple as a sacred, safe container, a sanctuary, a real Temple where we could open and explore together, to discover and deepen our arousal and where we felt free to connect and share our curious, wet, juicy and erotic experience. For anyone considering this evening of Ritual Sex Magic, let me tell you: this will be a beautiful and very special experience! Simply show up as yourself and you will not be disappointed. We are still smiling as the memories from our special night continue to open us to new and deeper explorations. I would definitely recommend this evening in the Temple to any couple that desires to move at their pace into their next level of intimacy together."

~T & K, Red Temple Initiates