Red Temple Events

Red Temple Events and our presence at your events are designed to be heart-opening experiences that leave guests tingling with excitement, full of orgasmic energy and of the feeling that they’ve been exquisitely loved and cared for. An evening with Red Temple is meant to be a cathartic, healing, restorative and exhilarating experience.

Whether curating an entire event or bringing Red Temple to yours, we bring powerful energetic cultivation and a collaborative consecration of a true and real temple of love & sacred sexuality. Red Temple spaces are sex-positive, all inclusive. Consent, safety, clear communication and powerful boundaries are all part of our practice and are of absolute utmost importance.

All activities are fully and completely legal and any/all physical contact between anyone present is not associated with commerce and must be approved by explicit verbal consent. 

Past Events:

Red Temple’s Past Events have included “An Evening of Sensual Seduction” (focused on flirtation and the art of seduction),,“An Evening of Decadence & Desire” (dedicated to sensual pleasures of all kinds and to giving voice and speaking desire with power), “A Lover’s Paradise” (for couples in honor of valentine’s day") and our most popular event “Sacred Strip” (a conscious strip club).

We’ve also performed at several other local events, bringing Red Temple’s unique brand of sexiness to wider audiences and artistic creations.

WHEN IS THE NEXT Red Temple EVENT or Performance?

After several years of producing events in various rented spaces in Oakland and Emeryville, CA, the price of venue rental and the relatively low standard ticket price for evening events has made the continued production of our own Red Temple events an unsustainable use of our time, energy and resources.

Red Temple events are now created and curated by commission only. If you are interested throwing a Red Temple party or event or even adding a bit of Red Temple flavor (like a live dessert platter, erotic performance, guided meditation or exercise) to an event that you are producing (or wish to produce), send a message and we’ll set up a call to discuss your desires, themes and creative design.

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My first Red Temple party was a powerful experience. I’d been to play parties before, and this was something entirely different. The level of care, safety, and LOVE transmitted by their communication and attention to creating a beautiful environment made it possible to relax and feel completely welcome.”

The guests were hand-picked and were the highest quality, high-caliber, trustworthy, and SEXY people you could imagine. I was smiling and laughing, stretched in just the right ways, and honored to be a part of the experience.

Whether this is your first experience of this kind, or you’re a jedi of the realm, you have to taste what these two are cooking.
— Peter
I recently had the immense pleasure of attending a Red Temple event in October at the beautiful and sacred space known as Guava, a place where as a woman I feel completely safe to explore aspects of myself I might not feel safe to explore elsewhere. I was so pleasantly surprised at the elegance and sumptuousness of the Red Temple experience, from the decorations to the food to the entertainment; everything was classy and beautifully presented. It was a high- class affair.

We were warmly greeted by Christine, Stephen, and other priests and priestesses of Red Temple and welcomed into a safe space and invited to partake in tasting and touching and sharing amazing food and sensuous pleasure.  Red Temple is a sacred container where a woman (or man) can feel safe and comfortable exploring her (or his) sensual side and even tease and entice one’s more erotic desires.

As a woman, I would have been perfectly comfortable attending as a single as there were several single women in attendance at the Red Temple event in October, and the men were respectful and warm and even spicy if one so desired. That event was designed for both women and men to engage one another.

I am excited to be coming to Red Temple’s Sacred Strip because I am looking forward to being pampered, entertained, and embraced by sensual and respectful men, knowing that I get to determine the level at which I can engage. This will be a beautiful, sensual, classy, erotic, and joyful experience done in a way that only Christine and Stephen can do. I’ve explored a number of sensuality and tantric events at Guava and so far Red Temple has been one of my personal favorites.
— Anonymous
It was a lover’s paradise indeed , I highly recommend this getaway for everyone , couples and singles. Everything was well organized and very professional, an amazing house full of amazing people. It was definitely one of the most inspiring magical experiences of my life and I can’t wait for the next event…

These two represent the meaning of true love in the new age. They are a masterpiece of art. It makes me happy to see such an amazing people with good souls spreading love and good karma....

Christine is a goddess of feminine spirit teaching and empowering woman and her partner is a true knight and a genuine representation of beautiful masculine power....

I went there mostly for the spiritual aspect and I won’t mention the amazing sexy and fun parts of the event...but let me just tell you that a Red Temple evening is full of surprises that will put you in the mood. You have to come to find out.
— Moussab
My first experience of the Red Temple event was one of walking into warmth and care. From the organic hand rolled sushi and all handmade food, to the offerings of libations and clean yummy water, I felt welcomed and undeniably safe.

When the performance started you could feel the Sacred present. The palpable sense that container was set tightly and something almighty was about to happen.

What I witnessed in both the priestess and the priest of the Red Temple was simply spellbinding. I felt enraptured and captivated. Swaddled by spirit itself, having me feel both ignited and awe inspired.

To watch both Christine and Stephen embody the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine is sincerely a sight to behold. I am incredibly honored, and patiently waiting, to be able to attend the next Red Temple event.
— Muse Magdalene
So blessed by the love of couples witnessed. A floodgate of orgasmic joy has opened within me. So thankful for new heart-opened souls. Truly blessed! So much gratitude!
— Robert Elvin Domondon
Lover’s Paradise was our first Red Temple event. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from beginning to end. I am working on being more comfortable with my sexuality and unlearn the programming of a conservative upbringing, so I was very nervous. We were welcomed in a loving way and I was very comfortable the entire evening. We experienced guided meditation; fun, sexy dances; and we especially enjoyed the couples honoring ceremony.

The whole evening was a treat for the senses and I look forward to future Red Temple events. I know I will be held with open, loving hearts and arms, and that I will be welcome and accepted just the way I am. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
— Katie
The Red Temple Party was my very first experience in that type of atmosphere. At several points it would have been very easy for me to feel awkward or uncomfortable being so inexperienced in a group of people that are much more advanced and practiced at being open. I was pleasantly surprised (although knowing these two - I shouldn’t have been) that the environment was so welcoming, so soft and loving. It was a great experience for a newbie like me to get her feet wet. I felt safe, heard and loved. It was amazing to be around like minded beautiful people. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience
— Red Temple Initiate
Regarding my first foray into exploring Red Temple with dearly beloved friends: it was beyond a success for all that it was created to be. We all found new desires and edges within ourselves. We delightfully held, caressed and even spanked each other within that field of approval. And, the communication amongst us was clear and sooooo supportive for us all to know each other’s desires and boundaries, as well as discovering more and more about our own through witnessing our own processes. Healing, blessing and satisfaction were all present for every one of us.
— Matt