Pleasure is Sacred

Photos by Red Temple Photography

"The way to wholeness lies in connecting with your pleasure"

"Give yourself pleasure daily and you'll find satisfaction dancing in your life"

"Pleasure makes you juicy, twinkles your eyes, enlivens your life force.  The esquisiteness of existence is pleasure>"

"If you don't know what gives you pleasure then sit with it, open to it, be receptive to finding it and then give it to yourself."

~Amy Sophia Marashinsky, The Goddess Oracle

Having grown up in a conservative and oppressive environment, the path to understanding pleasure, to knowing how to receive it and to cultivating it in my life has been a long and difficult one.  


Today, in the safety of my own sacred spaces, I continue to unlearn my early lessons, to heal my wounds, to dive deep into my own pleasure, into my body and my femininity, and to giving to myself and receiving in divine balance.

In my regular practice of self-touch, I have absolute permission to feel good and I am completely safe and free to follow my deepest desire.  This helps me to love myself and to love others as well.  Without guilt or shame, my pleasure unlocks the door not just to my happiness but to living the harmonious, ecstatic, happy & empowered life that I want.

~High Priestess of Red Temple~

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