Red Temple Photography


The mission of Red Temple Photography -like Red Temple itself- is to help people to reunite their spirituality and their sexuality and to hold space for, to promote,to encourage & to celebrate authentic expressions of self.  


Intention & Objective

It is our intention to capture images of you and/or your lover(s) in real, raw, vulnerable and authentic expressions of yourself/yourselves and of your love, your passion and your erotic energy. And it is our objective to powerfully reflect and illustrate the beauty of your unique and deeply personal expressions through photography.

In service to our intention, we do not produce airbrushed, heavily modified or fixed photographs. We do touch up little distractions but we try to show people the real and powerful beauty in being who they truly are. We believe strongly that the physical traits that make each person an individual being -from scars to perceived 'imperfections'- are in fact beautiful, that they should be celebrated and loved.'

Red Temple has three distinct photography offerings: Private Photography Shoots, Erotic Photography Parties & our Dynamic Photo Booth.

Private Photography Shoots

Private Photography Shoots for individuals, couples or small groups are like any other photography-by-commission. Together, we design your photo shoot from start to finish, including your desires and intentions, creative inspiration, color, theme and location. We bring our equipment and dive in together, shooting until we feel we have an amazing set to offer you and/or until we run out of energy. We edit and curate your photo set and deliver a beautiful, high resolution images to you for use however you see fit.

Each shoot might include:

  • Several wardrobe changes (limited only by the bounds of our designated time together)

  • At least 50 beautiful, high resolution digital images from your shoot, delivered on a flash drive for you to keep

  • Tarot, incense and/or Angel readings

  • A light meal, snacks, refreshments & a delectable dessert of your choosing

  • Spiritual & emotional support, exquisite love & care from the High Priestess & High Priest of Red Temple


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Erotic Photography Party

An Erotic Photography Party is an entirely unique and super-fun private evening event for you and a group of your most intimate friends.  You curate the guest list and we (Red Temple’s High Priestess and High Priest/Photographer) will either host your group in our Temple space or travel to yours for an evening of candid, portrait, pair and group photography with you and all of your guests..  Based on your specific desire and design we can offer any of our offerings listed above in the Private Photography Offering and/or from guided orgasmic energy mediations, ritual temple dance and live sensual and erotic performance.

Entertainment aside, the evening will be centered around photography.  You and any/all of your guests will work with us to create some amazing and beautiful photographs to share with each other or with respective partners and lovers.  We’ll support the creation of a powerful container of safety, honor and respect and we’ll work together to bring out each subject’s truest and most powerful expression of self in front of the camera.  It’s playful, it’s fun, entirely unique and will be a memorable evening of the celebration of the beauty of each individual and your group as a whole.

Dynamic Photo Booth

Red Temple Photography’s Dynamic Photo Booth is a super fun addition to any party or event.  Unlike a traditional photo booth -where subject step in front of a set camera that takes a series of consecutive shots with the same focus and frame- our Dynamic Photo Booth features a beautiful photo set that we bring and set up in your space. The shape and size are movable and customizable for whatever space you have to offer and we’ll set up in a designated area within your event space.

During your event, we’ll be there to offer short photography sessions for anyone and everyone who chooses to step into the scene. 

With encouragement and support from Red Temple’s Photographer and High Priestess, we’ll spend a few minutes with each and every person or group that stops by to take portraits and candids of them and whatever scene they choose to create. You may share photos on your event page or we can record email info from guests and share photos and albums with them directly.

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Safety, Boundaries & Consent

From start to finish, the Subject of each Red Temple photo session is completely empowered to set and move their own boundaries.  Whether photos are more erotic in nature or simply intimate portraits, you will be exquisitely cared for and held dearly with utmost honor, compassion, love & respect.  Through the whole process -from brainstorming creative ideas to the moment a photo is taken, the subject has final say and owns full and exclusive rights to their images.  

With respect to the challenge of stepping out so vulnerably, subjects are invited to bring a friend or partner to support them during their shoot and each shoot includes a pre-shoot phone call to ground intentions, desires and boundaries and to make sure that you have answers to all of your questions.

Our Process

Each photo session begins with establishing quality connection and trust between all parties, with cultivating loving energy and some breathing and grounding exercises meant to help everyone drop deeply and powerfully into their bodies and their hearts.  

With help from the High Priestess, we'll  cast sacred circle and a tight container together.  Each subject will be invited you to speak their pleasures and give voice to your desires- sharing what sort of photos will truly make them happy.  

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Pricing for Red Temple photography is determined in conversation and on a sliding scale.  Each project begins with a 1:1 video call where we brainstorm together, design the shoot, create a vision together and decide on a price that feels good & abundant for both parties.

Our Dynamic Photo Booth offering includes a non-refundable deposit from event producers. The fee for the offering itself can be paid for by event hosts or we’ll release our first edited photo set with watermarks and guests can pay by-the-photo to have watermarks removed and photos shared directly.

Fine Art Prints are available at an additional charge, the pricing for which varies based on size of the print and paper quality.

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