Stepping Fully Into Life, Love, Power & Freedom


The journey of my life so far has had many chapters, twists & turns.  I've experienced plenty of pain, trauma, struggle & oppression and I've experienced healing, happiness, triumph & love as well.  And as I look back on where I've been, it's clear to me that every step I've taken along the way was an attempt to find and live in freedom, to find my true power and to serve my highest purpose in this life.

Now, facing as few obstacles & barriers and as little oppression from outside forces as I have at any point in my life and engaged in romantic relationship with partners who support my freedom to own my own body and to love as I wish, I have come to a few important realizations. 

First: that the lack of freedom in my life had become in some strange way comfortable, as I always had something or someone else to blame for not having- or not living the life I wanted. 

Second: that I'd formed a set of attachments designed to keep me safe but that at some point actually became a cage of my own creation. 

And third: that there was a huge part of me that was afraid of claiming my freedom and of truly stepping into my power

I'm still not used to how it feels to be completely free.  It's taken months of small steps forward to get used to the feeling of this ground beneath my feet, to be able to spread my wings without hitting a wall of some kind on one side or another. 

And the process of facing my own shortcomings, my self imposed boundaries, my own insecurities and my fears has been humbling and challenging to say the least.   

But with each step forward I gain confidence, my stride feels more natural and I am finally picking up speed. 

For the first time I'm getting used to the idea that I have what I've always wanted, I am walking my highest path and I'm feeling more free and powerful than ever before.

This photo shoot took place months ago but the fact is that I had yet to learn the lessons I shared above and I had yet to understand their true significance.

These photos represent my next step upward and outward and are yet another, deeper and more significant unveiling of who I really am. 

They are more more bold, more intimate and more 'real' than any I've shared before. 

In these photos you'll find true expressions of my spiritual, my sexual and my erotic power... and I am proud to say that they are 'me'.

In loving service,

~High Priestess of Red Temple~