Over the course of my life, I've learned that my health and happiness and the health of my relationships is directly related to my capacity to love myself and to love others unconditionally.  

Iโ€™ve also learned that my ability to love unconditionally is rooted in my willingness and my ability to let go of attachments and expectations.

I donโ€™t believe that letting go of attachments or expectations means that I have to give up desire or that I donโ€™t truly love.  

It simply means that Iโ€™m not attached to particular outcomes and that I am free to look at every step, every challenge and every chapter of my life as an opportunity to learn & to love.

When I am attached, I feel fearful, impatient and I try to push or force things to happen.


Without attachment, I fall into deeper trust, I relax and I stop trying to control things.  


I know that I have to be willing to let go. I know that letting go makes space for what is truly meant to be.  

In Loving Service,

~High Priestess Of Red Temple~