Lover, I Long For You

Photos by Red Temple Photography

Lover, I long to gaze into your eyes and feel the deep gentleness of your soul.

I long to feel your lips upon mine and your warm breath as you kiss my neck and whisper in my ear.

I long to feel your gentle touch as your hands explore and caress every part of my body.

I long to feel your hands on my skin as you slowly and carefully remove each piece of my clothing.

I long to hear the sound of your voice as you tell me your deepest fantasies.

I long to receive each and every kiss you place on my soft, smooth, warm skin.

I long to feel the warmth and the weight of your body pressed against mine.

I long to feel the wetness of your tongue on my sacred flower as I quiver in pleasure and passion.

I long to feel you with my hands and on my lips as you grow with desire.

I long to dance together as our feminine and masculine energies twist and turn and merge into one another.

I long to open myself to you and to welcome you inside my temple, riding waves of pleasure and of deepest ecstasy as our bodies melt into one.

In loving service,

~High Priestess of Red Temple~