Leading With Passion & Desire

Photos by Red Temple Photography 

It's part of my process before and during a photo shoot to align with sacred intention and highest purpose, to always express myself authentically and to serve as a channel for divine feminine energy & unconditional love. 

Often when a shoot is over, my ego and the voices of my fear and of my insecurity return.   "I’m not [this] enough or [that] enough.  I’m too [this], I’m too [that]." 

"I’m getting older.  I have scars, flaws and imperfections none of which will be airbrushed. I’m going to be exposed.  I cannot hide.  I feel really vulnerable."

When this shoot was over and when I started to think about putting these photos out in the world, the voices of my past, of all of the things I was taught as a younger woman, of our culture, of the patriarchy spoke loud and clear.

"I’m going to be judged and ridiculed.   I’m not supposed to do things like this.  I’m not supposed to express myself in this way.  Once I step out like this, I can’t go back.  I'll lose love and acceptance."

But when I really looked more deeply, the voices of fear and insecurity fell back into silence.  I felt the power of those sacred intentions, of my highest purpose and I felt the presence of The Goddess shining through me.   

 I saw great beauty.  I felt a deep desire to stand up, to step out and to be seen.  I felt a deep passion to heal my wounds and to help others to heal theirs.  I felt a strong sense of freedom. 

So I am choosing to shine light on my shadows and to cast my fears and my insecurities aside. 

 I am choosing to allow my passion and my desire to lead. 

 I am choosing to take back my power, to spread my wings and be free.

I am a mother, I am a sexual being. I hold the fire, the passion, and the desire of the Goddess within.

I birthed a beautiful baby girl into this world. I bare this C-section scar, this beauty mark with vulnerability and pride.

In loving service,

High Priestess of Red Temple