Exquisite Companionship

A virtual experience of intimacy, connection, sensuality, and the Divine Feminine.


Come be bathed in the sensual and erotic waters of the Divine Feminine!

As a sensual and erotic Priestess, my intention for bringing this gift of exquisite companionship is to fulfill my vision of living in a world where everyone is living in joy connected to their heart, their pleasure and their sensuality.

This sacred offering is for men across the world who long to connect and experience the energy and sensual expressions of the Sacred Feminine.

You will be celebrated and honored as a Knight and a King. You will be compassionately held in unconditional love.

Exquisite Companionship is for men who desire and who are yearning for connection.

It’s for men who are…

  • longing to witness and drink in playful/sensual/erotic feminine expression while being unconditionally loved and accepted as you are.

  • in open relationship, recently divorced or out of relationship and are wanting to open back up to feminine presence and sensuality.

  • feeling lonely or shy about being with a women physically, and wanting to practice being intimate and playful.

  • heart centered, high-integrity, conscious, and aware.

Through Exquisite Companionship, you will…

  • partake of the erotic playground of a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality

  • enjoy an intimate connection filled with joy, conversation, laughter, sensual dance & erotic play.

  • be heard, seen, appreciated and held in the tender loving heart of the Goddess, and realize for yourself how lovable and perfect you are.

  • experience the beauty, magic, and sensual power of the feminine and take it into the world with you.

  • step into the Divine Masculine as the Knight, the King, of your life!

  • feel amazing, loved, and celebrated!

How it works –

You’ll be invited to share your desires so that together we can design your sessions for you.

We will meet for up to a 90 minute session by Skype.

Contact Red Temple Priestess to begin the conversation. We’ll discuss specific details and pricing privately.