Embrace The Natural Cycle

Photos by Angyl Nihthasu @ The Nocturnal Eye

Hair & Makeup by Katie Pheneger

"The old must be released so that the new can enter."

Kali reminds me that death is a natural part of the cycle of life.  Along our paths, we are born, we die and we are re-born again many times over.  

Hanging on and resisting the cycle is not only futile but a waste of time and of life's energy.  Kali reminds me to embrace death, that I must let go and that sometimes I need to let it all burn in order to make space for the creation of new pathways and for the manifestation of the life that I truly want.

"I sing praises to those whose hearts accept the universal order, which only appears to be chaotic and ever-changing.  In actuality, everything is designed down to the smallest detail to be in perfect operation."

":The dance of the universe is a happy one, with energy swirling and twirling in a never-ending celebration of life itself.   Join this dance, Dear One, and enjoy the remarkable journey of the weavings of the story of your life. "

"Do not fear what happens to be a change or a loss.  It's only the transitioning orbit of energy interplaying with you and your loved ones.  Embrace it as evidence that you're alive!  Embrace your deepest emotions as a signal of your true human essence. "

~Doreen Virtue, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards