Dripping Wet

Photos by Red Temple Photography

All alone in the sauna, my mind begins to wander. My body warms up and starts to tingle and sweat. I have sensual and happy thoughts as I sink deeper into the amazing feeling of sweat dripping from my skin.

As my body begins to relax, I fall deeper into pleasure and my eyes slowly close. My body fills with orgasmic energy and complete bliss. Somewhere between awake and sleep, I hear the sauna door open gently...

I sense a strong masculine energy across from me and soon, your delicious scent drifts through the air. As you wash over me, my body temperature begins to rise. Your scent takes root deep inside me and I start to feel excited. Your strong presence fills the small, dark sultry room and our energies meet somewhere in the middle, swirling back and fourth and around in circles in complete silence.

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As the anticipation builds, a small smile breaks across my face and I can't help it any more. I slowly open my eyes to look upon you. Wrapped in just a towel, your body already soaking wet, you sit across from me tall and proud, your back straight, shoulders loose, hands on the bench on either side of you, feet confidently and humbly grounded in the floor.  

Your head is bowed and I can see the lines of your powerful neck as you stretch, your body glistening.  I follow the sinewy curves and lines of your arms up to your broad shoulders across your chest and, just as I set my eyes upon your face, you look up and gaze back at me.  I feel a powerful energy shoot through my entire body.  

I lay down to stretch my body out along the smooth redwood.  I can feel your eyes, still locked on me.  They haven't left.  You can't help yourself. I let you drink me in for what seems like an eternity.  Slowly turn my head back towards you as I open my eyes again.  I can see that you're enjoying yourself, soaking up every part of my glistening, wet body. 

We cannot stay apart any longer.  With my soft, sweet voice, I invite you to come sit with me.  You slowly stand and come to join me.  I sit up and turn my back as you move closer.  You ask for my permission and I say yes. 

For a moment, time completely stops.  Locked in each other's stare, suddenly the room feels even smaller, even warmer.  My cheeks blush and my heart races.  The heat is almost too intense, so I take a breath, smile at you and close my eyes again, enjoying the sparks and flames of my desire.  

I feel your warm breath on my skin and it sends a wave of energy and desire coursing through my entire body. You place your big, strong hands gently on my shoulders, taking my breath away again with your touch.  I pull my hair over my shoulder, exposing my back and my neck, inviting you to come closer still.

  You lean in slowly, savoring every second and every moment as you kiss the back of my neck with your soft wet lips.  I can't help but let out a soft moan of  pleasure.  My heart races and you slowly and gently pull on the ties of my swimsuit.  As my top falls down from around my neck, you slide down to the floor.  With your strong arms and gentle hands, you lay me down again on my towel.

You worship my entire body with kisses and sensual touch from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet.  You kiss my lips and lean in to whisper into my ear, "I want you."

You touch and lick every inch of my body, enjoying the sweet taste of coconut oil and my soft, smooth skin.  Your slippery hands slide gently between my legs.  I let my thighs and my body fall open to you and you pleasure me as I whisper your name between deep breaths of ecstasy.

Lost in you and in this moment of passion and bliss, I let myself go.  The rush fills my body and it fills yours too. I am hot, dripping wet and very, very happy. 

In loving service,

~High Priestess of Red Temple~