Couples Sessions

Couples sessions aim to help lovers to activate the full potential of their partnership, to strengthen their connection, to help the relationship evolve and improve and/or to help people to separate from one another or to break unhealthy attachments to one another consciously, peacefully, harmoniously and in unconditional love. Each month includes one 60-minute session each week with all parties and one 30-minute individual session each week plus weekly practices and spiritual & emotional support in between.  

Who is it for?

Couples & small-group sessions are ideal for couples who are looking to improve their relationship and who are seeking to gain a greater understanding of each other’s experience, pleasure and desire, to cleanse or improve the strength or clarity of their connection or who feel their paths diverging and want to find a graceful way to move forward.

Why sign up?

Sign up for couples sessions if you want some help and support to improve your relationship and your connection with each other.  Or sign up for help in transitioning to a new stage of your relationship- be that moving into long-distance relationship, turning to the next chapter together or parting ways peacefully and harmoniously.


Contact Red Temple Priestess for pricing.

Discount available when you purchase multiple sessions. Installment plans available.

This has made all the difference in how I view myself and the world around me!  I have a confidence I haven’t had in years and this loving of myself has made my relationship with my partner that much more juicy!!  I would highly recommend Christine to anyone and everyone.  She has changed my life for the better and I am incredibly grateful!
— Erica