Breaking Free

Photos by Red Temple Photography 

For 48 years I’ve been fighting the belief and the conditioning that expressions of my erotic & sexual identity are somehow not good, pure, beautiful or acceptable.


As I continue to learn, to grow, to walk new paths and to let go of my guilt and shame, I find new energy and strength and I am beginning to activate my potential as a lover and as a sensual & erotic priestess.

“Give the sacred rebel within the opportunity to decide your values -irrespective of whether they are met with general social acceptance.”

“The sacred rebel within can empower you to love yourself no matter what, simply because you want to. You might decide to declare, “I am still lovable – so put that in your pipe and smoke it!’”

“You can be freed to realize that shame is just an emotion, not a truth, and you can defy any hold it has ever had over you and your ability to love yourself. You are now powerful enough to break the cycle.”

“It’s time for you to be naked with yourself, acknowledge how gorgeous you are and get on with your life. You just need to let go of any remnants of the past that have been in your way. Step firmly over them and on to your path.” 

Sacred Rebels, Alana Fairchild

In loving service,

~High Priestess of Red Temple~