The Way Of Feminine Wisdom

I believe that there is a more easeful and effective why of attracting and manifesting what one wants in their life. It's the feminine way of attracting the things and the relationships we want. 

We are generally taught that the more force we use, the more we try to push to make things happen, the more we will meet our goals. The feminine way is not at all about force. It is not about driving, striving, pushing, or grasping at what we want in order to attract or manifest. 

It's about opening, inviting, receiving and allowing what you desire to come to you. When one creates and manifests this way it makes space for energy to flow, and it creates more magnetism and opens ones manifesting portal to attract more easily what they desire. This form of attracting and manifesting is inviting the things we want to come to us instead of forcing and grabbing for it. It's about allowing the things that you want to come to you. This kind of manifesting gives us more energy and doesn't leave one stressed out, frustrated, depleted or worn out because you are not forcing things to come to you. 

When one forces, pushes or grasps in order to create, attract, or manifest it comes from the energy of fear, lack and neediness. One does not need to push quite so hard to receive what you desire. Relax, open, trust and have faith and believe that all things come to you when you are energetically aligned and at the right time. 

In loving service, High Priestess Of Red Temple