Love Without Expectations Or Attachments

Love other's without attachment.

So many of us fall in love and get attached to the relationship lasting forever. Attachments are painful and unhealthy and only serve the ego.

Be willing to love in every moment without the expectation of forever. Celebrate each day and know that you are blessed to be with the ones you love even if it's not forever. One thing is certain in life, and that is all things must change. If there was no change, there would be no growth.

Not all relationships are meant to last a life time. Remember that you are so blessed to have grown together, learn together, touched each other's life and shared each other's love. This is the true gift of a relationship. Too many people think that the true gift is in the forever.

Trust that if someone falls out of your life, it's for a good reason. Nothing moves away from you unless it's meant. I believe that when you lose someone or something it is replaced with something even better.

Relationships are learning experiences, and opportunities to heal and to grow. When they have run their course, accept with grace and appreciation. Offer the relationship and each other gratitude for the learning and the lessons. Walk forward with a sense of adventure, and an open heart excited for the new.

Love & Blessings,

~High Priestess Of Red Temple~