Authentically & Powerfully Me

Photos by Red Temple Photography

I believe that sexuality is sacred because expressions of sexuality and of sensuality are some of my most powerful, truest and most authentic expressions of self.

Through the pure pleasure of my erotic expression and in deep connection to my body, I find a clear channel to my Highest Source, a conduit for pure expression of my love, and I activate my greatest creative potential.

These photos were created with the intention of sharing my authentic, sacred, sexual & erotic self with you.

These are not airbrushed.  I wear no mask, I present no facade.  I'm not role-playing or performing for you, for my ego, for the person behind the camera.  This is pure and real subjectification.

This is me, fully embodied, standing in my power, without fear of judgement, without inhibition, without guilt and shame for being who I am.  

I share these free of the belief that I am somehow less valuable or virtuous for doing so.  I share them vulnerably and without apology.  I share them with abundance and joy.

 I open my heart to you and welcome you to witness me as I truly am.

~High Priestess of Red Temple~