My story

The liberation of my sexuality and sensuality and of my wild, powerful, expressive self has been long and difficult but a very beautiful, empowering and healing journey.

I was born to very religious parents. At the age of 8, my parents chose to follow a radical member of our already very strict Roman Catholic church in Colorado to Spokane, WA where he started what can only be described as a religious cult with devoted parishioners who neither questioned his interpretation of religious texts or how he told them to practice or live.

I was sent to an all-girls boarding school for my early schooling where I was raised and heavily influenced by The Church and by the Roman Catholic nuns who were my teachers, sentinels, and daily guardians. From our earliest age, they taught all girls that sensuality and sexuality was evil and wrong. They smothered us in fear, shame and guilt around our sexuality and created deep confusion around the changes and feelings that grow naturally as all girls mature into women. As a result, I spent many years of my life in fear of my own natural feelings, suppressing and hiding my sensuality and sexuality not just from the outside world but also from myself.

At the age of 15, I had had enough.  I left the boarding school that my parents had sent me to and set out on my own to escape the abuse and the oppression of The Church and of their beliefs. A number of years later, still living in Washington but on my own and in my 20s, I met a man visiting Spokane on business from San Francisco. We fell in love and in April of 1998, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where we had a child together and where I still live today. It was in San Francisco during that period of my life that I truly began my journey of healing, of reclaiming my body and my power and of discovering sacred sexuality.

This journey has not always been easy, but growth and healing is not necessarily supposed to be easy. I am very proud of myself and of the work that I have done to reclaim my power and to learn & grow. Now, years later, I am unafraid to truly ‘be me’ and to express the sensual Goddess within.  It is now my goal, my intention and my life's purpose to continue on my journey and to help others navigate their paths towards freedom and empowerment.

Christine M Cordova’s Bio for Podcasts, Conferences and Event Organizers:

A healer by nature, Christine M Cordova has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality from San Francisco State University.   She’s a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality through The 13 Moon Mystery School & The Integrative Arts Institute.  She is a Spiritual Alchemist, a Sacred Ritual Temple Dancer, an Erotic Model & Performance Artist, the creator of ‘Alchemy of Consciousness’ and its community and the Founder, Owner & High Priestess of Red Temple.  She offers counsel, mentorship, education, support & energy healing through 1:1 and couples coaching, workshops, immersion programs, sensual parties and live events.