1:1 Mentorship

We will meet each week for 60-minute sessions for 1-3 months (either in-person or by phone or video), focus on healing wounds, on your growth and evolution, and on manifesting the life that you want so that you can truly activate your full potential.  1:1 mentorship also includes a one-card Tarot reading and practices to deepen your learning between sessions each week as well as access by text and quick phone for spiritual and emotional support along the way.

Who is it for?

1:1 Mentorship is for people who are seeking support and guidance to heal and empower themselves and their life. Those who feel lost or disconnected from themselves and their power, wisdom and intuition. Those who wish to heal, awaken and activate their spiritual, sensual and/or sexual power. 

Why sign up?

Sign up for 1:1 Mentorship if you are ready to step more fully into your power, heal your life, your relationships, your sexuality and create a life of freedom, joy, passion and abundance and you want some deep and unconditional support along the way. 


Contact Red Temple Priestess for pricing. 

Discount available when you buy multiple sessions. Installment options available 

There are some people who have a direct line to Spirit. They hold you tenderly in their hearts whether you are in confusion, crisis, or just seeking clarity. Christine is one of these precious individuals. If you resonate with the angels, would love to follow your soul’s calling, or receive support in meeting your soulmate, Christine’s workshops, spiritual guidance or counseling are for you.
— Francesca Gentille, Author, Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Counselor