In a culture that shames sexuality, Red Temple is a place where sex & sexuality are held sacred.

Sexual expression is the portal through which we experience highest pleasure. It is our purest & most natural means of expressing love and of truly connecting to others. It provides a clear and powerful channel to connection with higher source.

Red Temple is a multi-modality healing space and safe and sacred container to lay down our fear, our guilt and shame around sex and sexuality.  It is a place to see and be seen in love & acceptance, to express ourselves authentically, to cultivate orgasmic energy and to enjoy the sparks and the flames of desire.   

It is a place for transformation and evolution, for the healing of mind, body and spirit, for the elevation of consciousness and connection to highest self.  It is a safe space to step into our identities as powerful, conscious, sovereign, sexual beings.

it Is the place where spirituality and sexuality unite in the alchemy of love.

Red Temple is a place to heal, learn, and empower people in their sexuality and relationships.

Red Temple is a place of education, healing, growth and empowerment built around the teachings and practices of its High Priestess, Christine M Cordova.  Red Temple provides a range of different offerings from 1:1, couples and small group coaching to mentorship, erotic photography, live events and conscious, heart-centered sexy parties.


Red Temple is here to help you to reclaim your power and pleasure in relationships and in your life.

Whether you're currently engaged in a romantic relationship, just coming out of relationship, are considering ending one, you feel that you have been oppressed or are for whatever reason unable to express your true and authentic self, I am here to support and guide you in reclaiming your life, your body, your freedom and in walking a new path as a sovereign, independent and powerful person. 

It is my life’s purpose to help, guide and support you on your path.

Born and raised in an ultra-religious, conservative, oppressive and patriarchal environment and a survivor of spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, I have dedicated myself and my life’s work to teaching spiritual alchemy and mentoring those who wish to live a free, open and ecstatic life unencumbered by the burdens of unhealthy relationship, of patriarchy and of oppressive cultural norms around gender roles and relationships.

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What Red Temple Offers

Red Temple offers 1:1- couples- and small group- coaching & mentorship, live events, conscious, heart-centered sexy parties and individual, couples and small group photography. Whether you’re single, coupled, in open, monogamish, ethically non-monogamous or poly relationship, whether you identify within our outside of the gender binary and no matter what your sexual orientation, Red Temple has an offering for you!